Why Pregnancy Pilates?

Pilates strengthens your core, back and pelvic floor muscles, whilst pregnancy is not the time to build muscles around your abdomen its really important to keep your core muscles strong to support your posture without straining other joints, so it's a great exercise to do when you're pregnant.Pilates can help you to cope more easily with labour and childbirth because it activates key muscles to strengthen them, staying true to its form and concept but modifying the exercises to meet each mum to be needs and challenge them.

Breathing is one is the principles of pilates, by learning how to do this properly it will encourage relaxation and will help to ease the discomfort of contractions when the time comes......


What to expect?

You may be excited or a little intimidated when planning to go to your first pregnancy Pilates class. By knowing the basics of what to expect, you'll feel better prepared.

Keep your attire nice and simple, we perform pilates barefoot however if you prefer to wear socks look for a pair with grippy bottoms so your feet don't slip on the mat.

Your most comfortable leggings and t shirt, think form fitting rather than too baggy, your instructor needs to assess your alignment and symmetry throughout the class and check the alignment of your bones and how your muscles are engaging.

Remember to discuss any specific medical conditions you have with your instructor and discuss with your midwife or doctor too. Expect to leave your mat feeling happy and energised thanks to a burst of the all important happy hormones (endorphins). Pilates will help to boost your immune system and circulation, and provide the energy levels needed to enjoy your pregnancy.





When where and how?

You can book a single class or as many as you like in advance. Using our online booking system you’ll only pay for what you use.

Launching in November 2019 we are pleased to announce new Pregnancy and Post Natal classes in Colchester, Essex to our programme.

Why not stay in your office and have your instructor come to you on-site, we will provide the equipment so all you need to do is turn up wearing something comfortable and enjoy. On-site classes can be 1-1 or up to 6 individuals, please contact us to discuss and arrange.