Introducing LIVE Online classes


Mat Pilates

Pilates increases strength and mobility, improves circulation boosting overall health and well being. Classes range from 30 minute express to 45 and 60 minute so that you can easily fit them around your schedule. Workouts tailored for the beginner, intermediate and advanced.


Pregnancy Pilates

Attending classes throughout pregnancy will help you get back in shape faster after childbirth. Pregnancy Pilates classes are an excellent way to help boost your immune system and circulation, and provide the energy levels needed to enjoy your pregnancy.


Private 1:1 Pilates

Private 1-1 Pilates sessions are ideal for those who prefer complete privacy and the opportunity to work on specific exercises, refine their form and technique with the undivided attention of your instructor  helping you progress further, faster. At your office or in the park, you choose.


1. Choose your Classes from the timetable

Choose a class from the timetable and book yourself in now. You can pay the nominal £4 drop-in fee or buy a class pass that will valid until lockdown is over.

2. Download the Zoom App

To save time beforehand download the free Zoom App here to your device. For computers choose for ‘Meetings’, for Mobiles or Tablets choose ‘Mobile Apps’ or to use through your browser choose ‘Browsers’. You do not need to have a paid Zoom account.

3. Receive your Unique Link

One hour before the class you will receive an email with instructions and a unique link to join the session. Please note that this will be sent from The link will automatically launch your Zoom app and take you directly to the class. The email also provides links to download the Zoom App.

How does this all work?

Simply book in as you normally would through our timetables and you will then receive an email from FitGrid roughly one hour before the class with full details of what you need to do. This will include a unique link to allow you to join the session. Note this link will only work for one person, so if you share it with someone else only one of you will be able to join. Please try and join the class 5 minutes before it starts.

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